Soul Food Suppers

2016 Soul Food Suppers

Wednesday Evenings in January

6:30 PM – Soup’s On   7:15 PM - Soul Food Program

RSVP by email or calling 817-460-3841. Childcare provided!


January 6


Kathleen Manning - Helping Refugees Adjust

She’s had experience working with refugees from all over the world who were moved through the cooperative oversight of the State Department and the U.N. to North Texas. Their varied needs and extraordinary range of worldviews were an education unlike any other.

During her tenure with the resettlement organization, it wasn’t unusual to spend the morning assisting Iraqis, afternoon serving a Vietnamese or Haitian family, and end the day having Bosnian coffee.

January 13

Wendy Birdsall - From Homeless to SMU

Wendy Birdsall wears her SMU-themed sunglasses almost everywhere she goes. The black-and-red glasses, with the motto “World changers shaped here”, represent a new life for Birdsall who was homeless at 16 and a repeat felon and drug addict by her late 20s. She’s been clean since 2010 and now, at age 41, she’s studying biology at SMU.

January 20

Darlene Rees - Arlington Charities & the Relationship with WPC

Westminster supports various local charitable organizations, none more than Arlington Charities. With our financial contributions and the monthly food basket collections WPC is a generous supporter of Arlington Charities. We will hear from their director about the programs they provide to assist others.

January 27

Cindy Wabner – Ebby House: A Home for Girls who have Aged Out of Foster Care

The Ebby House, a residential home for young women who have aged out of the foster care system. This new strengths-based program will mentor up to 16 young women for 12-24 months, instill life skills, and provide housing, healthcare, education, career guidance, job training, and permanency. In our intergenerational community, they also will benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of our elders.

An offering will be collected following each Wednesday evening presentation in support of their work!