First Sunday Feasts

A Feast for the Body and Soul

When we gather around the communion table, we remember the meal that Jesus shared with his disciples. When we look at the Gospels, we see Jesus sharing table with all sorts of characters: rich and poor, outcast and powerful leaders, friends and family and enemies. In the early church, communion was not simply bread and wine but a meal, shared together as a church. In that spirit, we will "feast" together every other month on communion Sundays. Thanks to our friends at Sterling Events, each meal will be catered, served, and cleaned up. There is no cost for the meal, and all are welcome at the table. During lunch, we'll hear a story that speaks to our faith: from a mission partner organization, or a member's testimony, or an update on our outreach efforts. We will feast together at the table, being fed physically by Sterling Events and spiritually from our speaker.

We hope you will join us at the feast at the Lord's table and the lunch table. If possible, please RSVP for the First Sunday Feast to the office for those attending. Our next First Sunday Feast will be April 8, 2018, featuring our Living Waters for the World team describing the latest LWW installation.