COVID-19 WPC Response FAQs

Rooted in God's love and grace, we worship, learn, give, and connect, refreshing people with Living Water. 
We reach out to share the Water with all who thirst.

At this time, in-person activities are canceled at WPC through April 30, 2020.

-What about the church office?

The church office is closed. Voicemails will be checked at least weekly, as will our mail. Debra can check office emails from home. Pastor Kate is available by cell phone. We ask that anyone who does come up for essential tasks (like media team members) please check their temperature first.

-I need help to get something from the grocery store, pharmacy, etc, but I'm not supposed to leave home.
We have 20 members who have volunteered to be our Caring Through COVID team! Let Pastor Kate know your need, and a team member will get right on it.

-What about Holy Week worship services? They're my favorite! :(
Me too. We don't know yet, but our Worship Committee will be meeting to figure out how to walk with Jesus together through those holy services. Current worship services are available at

-What about *insert my favorite activity here*? Can we meet by Zoom?
Sure! The church now has a Zoom account, so if any of your Connect or Learn groups would like to get together over video chat or just through the phone, we can do that. I'm happy to walk you through it. I'm proud to report that all of our Session - plus our Treasurer and Clerk - were able to connect via Zoom for our last stated meeting.

-What about WPC staff? 
Session advocated for a 'people-first' personnel action during this time, so all staff will be paid as usual for the month of April. We greatly value our staff, and offering them some certainty during an uncertain time is a wonderful act of leadership and faith by our Session.

-What if everything magically gets better sooner?
Then we will resume meeting of course! (The sooner, the better, for this pastor who desperately misses seeing her flock all the time.)

-What if I really miss my friend?
Call them! FaceTime! Write a letter or an email! Our Instant Church Directory remains updated, and accessible via app or your computer at

-What if I really miss Pastor Kate? (ha!)
Keep an eye out for Facebook Live links - Pastor Kate will be checking in midweek with a little levity and a lot of prayer. And of course, she's available by email and phone.

-What about NEW DAY and hungry students in Arlington?
NEW DAY's mission continues! NEW DAY is partnering with Mission Arlington to get food to hungry students as a supplement to the excellent work provided by AISD food staff.

-What is our Presbytery's response?
You can see the latest updates on their website. The Council passed a motion recommending to sessions "that all face-to-face church gatherings be suspended including worship services until public health officials advise it is safe to resume group gatherings."

updated 3/25/2020